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MegaProfit EA

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Profit: 30 % Drawdown: 12 % Certified: No


About product MegaProfit EA

MegaProfit EA is a reliable Expert Advisor designed for trading on EUR/USD currency pair. It can be used on any time frame, but the developers insist that its performance is the most effective on M30. This expert advisor demands the minimal deposit of 100$. MegaProfit EA watches the market in non-stop mode and enters the market only if there are favorable conditions for that. The deals are closed by means of StopLoss и TakeProfit.
Due to the feature of complex automatic order management the advisor protects profits and minimizes the risk of losses. MegaProfit EA gives the trader full control over trading, allowing them to set the limit on the number of orders any time.
Apart from this, MegaProfit EA is highly adaptive to current market conditions. It allows the trader to work with 4- and 5-digit quotes.
The creators of this expert advisor don’t promise unbelievable profits and don’t claim that MegaProfit EA is the Grail all traders have been looking for. They only say that their product is a truly safe and trustworthy Forex EA.


The major parameters of MegaProfit 

Strategy_ID – number used to track the transaction. Please insert any 6-digit sequence in order to let the EA trade or leave the parameter as it is. If you turn off MegaProfit you should memorize or write down this number and re-enter it when you launch it.
Transaction_Level – this parameter lets you define the number of trades opened simultaneously. “0” means 1 trade at a time, “1” means 2 trades at a time, “2” means 4 opened transactions at a time.
Safety_Level – Automatic Lot Control Technology feature – defines the lots you want to trade and lets you increase the lot size when a certain number of profit trades has been closed. “0” - this feature will be off; “1” – the expert advisor will increase the lot size 2 – 3 times; “2” - it will increase the lot size 3 – 6 times.
Expected_Profit–sets the profit you expect from one deal.
Order_Size – the parameter for setting the lot size.
Stop_Loss – the parameter for setting the stop loss order.


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